UX/UI, Branding


Managing emails as a team has never been simpler. Use Loop’s shared inbox to make collaborating on customer emails a breeze.


Loop gets your team organized & in control of incoming emails by eliminating noise and chaos from your inbox. Loop brings visibility and clear ownership, giving you peace that no message will ever slip through the cracks. it is an email client for teams and enables them to resolve customer inquiries at light speed, without cluttered email chains and unnecessary context switching. While working with them I had the please of constructing the design system for the desktop application and creating flows for the end product.


The biggest challenge was differentiating with other email clients and creating a feature set that supports existing workflows within teams and enables them to work better. How to recognize what features teams really need. How to integrate email with chat and how to support sending emails inside of chats. There were a lot of questions about how would users that are not on the platform become members and start chatting instead of sending emails and how they would receive chats if they are not using the application.


The goal was to design a complete experience for the desktop with an updated design system and new color variants for the sidebar and right panels. How to incorporate the emails and chats inside the same panel and give visual distinction while retaining the same design characteristics.

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