UX/UI, Branding


Sarah learned about design sprints from one of her favorite websites, and she loves to share what she has learned with other designers.


HeyMarvelous is a platform for coaches and fitness/yoga studios that are looking for an easy-to-use solution to start their online business and manage their customers, digital products like courses and memberships. It is a platform that allows the creation and selling of digital products like courses, live shows, and 1 on 1 live session, and start selling them as fast as possible. It also features a course builder and a lot of other social features like feeds, comments, DMs, and other stuff. So you can build a product, start selling it and build a community around your offering. While working with them i completely redesigned the experience and created a new design system for their admin dashboard and student facing side as well as all the shop, messenger, feed and creation flows for their product. The same system was used to then redesigned the mobile experience aswell.


The challenge was creating a elegant workflow for both the user types that exist. There are numerous personas that are all using the product in a different way. A single coach running a digital video course is using heymarvelous differently to a large studio with 10 or more coaches. The latter also needs a way of giving access and creating support for new user types. On the other side both of these different personas have a single member that is buying access to their content through the platform. He has to find the content from the creators in a simple and organized way while still giving the content creators a way to customize their design.


The goal was to create a simple to use product that will allow studios and coaches to onboard faster and have a better and more modern experience. Redesign the whole experience from the ground up and start by creating a unified design system that will support future iterations and build a redesigned experience with that system and upgrade flows where needed on the way. Create and document existing flows for course/product creation, video streams and communicaiton, selling of products and memberships and redesign the experience while integrating new feature sets and create explorations for new social components that enable content creators to build a community inside heymarvelous instead of using an outside service. Also redesign and update the whole mobile experience for content viewers.

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